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100 филок по 100 рублей

Вкусное предложение для студентов и Татьян!

Вкусная парочка

One roll is good, but two is even better!

Application with a gift

For all beginners the first order through the application of “Avtosushi” roll “the Salmon in the fur coat”. It's time for you to try the masterpieces of our chefs! * The promotion is valid only when ordering through the app and only for our new customers who make an order in our company for the first time.

Flying holidays

Do you want to go skiing in Andorra or catch your wave in the Dominican Republic? Our company will give you this opportunity!

Grandfather on the drive

Play the online game on the site, earn points with "Santa on the drive frost" and get nice prizes.

Lunch sets

Lunch sets can be ordered every weekday at 12:00 to 16:00 in all of cafes of our site.


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